1. We educate THE VULNERABLE (women and children) about human trafficking.

In order to prevent women and children from falling prey to human trafficking, we visit communities, schools, churches, markets, motor parks, national and private radio and television station and organizations in (countries) to speak and conduct workshops. 

2. We rescue and provide temporary accommodation for trafficking victims.

We help repatriate women and children, who have been trafficked within Cameroon, Africa and other parts of the world. We then connect them to their families and appropriate local organizations and support networks in their regions who can help them.

As of August 2015, we have rescued 28 women from Cameroon, Nigeria, and Ghana, who were trafficked to Kuwait. We have also followed many children hawking on the streets to their respective homes were they live with family relatives, to advice the relative on how to treat those children. We do these because many under the age of 10 carry heavy goods on their heads for sale for longer number of hours. Also many of these children are being seen late in the night hawking, for fear that if they go home without finishing the goods, they will be punished by their employers. But thousands of these women and children are still living in fear and danger!





3. We empower women and provide job opportunities $ WE ALSO PROVIDE PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP TO THE CHILDREN.

We train women to start their own businesses. Presently we have started a micro finance scheme, by giving capitals to survivor returnee victims of human trafficking.Presently we have funded 20 women; 10 in Ghan and 10 in Cameroon, and last year we gave partial scholarship to a single mother for her child.